The Education Support Fund will provide students with a loan of up to € 5000

 Overview – Education Support Fund

Overview - Education Support Fund

The Education Support Fund or FNPV is a state- managed fund whose main task is to provide loans to students of Slovak and foreign universities and teaching staff.

It has been in operation since 2012 and offers a simple, affordable and inexpensive student loan for every student twice a year, without bureaucracy and high fees, with a uniform interest rate of 3% per year.

Student loan – conditions

Student loan - conditions

  • Minimum loan amount € 500.
  • For students of I. and II. Step up to 2 500 €.
  • For students III. Step up to 5 000 €.

The Education Support Fund accepts student loan applications in two rounds each year. Compared to student loans, you cannot apply for Fund support at a later date, but only on these two dates.

The process of crediting your account is time-consuming, and it takes almost 2 months to see the money, especially because of the administrative burden. Prepare for a long wait, which discourages many students from applying for a student loan every year.

According to the latest surveys and statistics, nearly 2,000 students use this alternative per year to finance higher education. If you apply for a student loan before October 31st and approve it, you should receive your money during January 2019.

Student Loan – Benefits

Student Loan - Benefits

  • The loan does not pay off and does not interest during the study
  • Low interest rate only 3% per year
  • Account maintenance and account statements are free of charge
  • Loan maturity of up to 10 years
  • You only start paying after you finish your studies.
  • Mothers on maternity leave entitled to deferment of installments
  • FNPV will insure every client
  • Students can apply for the loan repeatedly

What does FNPV require?

What does FNPV require?

As is customary, with this student loan from the state you have to meet a few basic conditions and prepare for the loan you need a guarantor (not necessarily a parent, but also a friend) with a regular income.

  • Student of full-time or part-time study at any university, at any level at home or abroad
  • Permanent residence in Slovakia or a foreign Slovak card
  • Any guarantor (parent, sister, brother, friend)
  • You must be enrolled in the relevant academic year


All necessary information

All necessary information

We have prepared for you comprehensive information on the possibility of drawing student loans within the Slovak Republic, where you will find all the necessary information on how to finance studies at universities with the help of the state, but also one of the Slovak banks.